Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Formal - Informal Introduction:
Hi Everybody!!!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to WEastGamer's Blog. This is where you will find Gamers from Weastern and Eastern Hemispheres of the world... talking 'bout some games... and stuff.

You will mostly find us non-natively English speaking/writing people talk about games and the current gaming scene, which will give you an insight at how different/similarly people from different places view the same thing. Also discussion on things like whats happening in the Narutoverse and maybe a rant or two by the authors here will be recurring features.

We will try to have podcasts regularly in which you can expect talks of the latest gaming news, and also about things that we like doing, like Manga/Anime discussions and maybe things on how different religion have different superheroes, who somehow have similarities with each other and anime characters. Oh yeah and don't forget the Foreign accents!

So thats how its going to be, hope you all will have a nice time reading and listening to what we put up here in this blog. Feel free to comment/Compliment on our doings in any way you feel is right.

Thanks for Reading and see you all in next posts!


The Main Authors here for now are SM2099 and Reeteshifier you might know of them from their Gamespot profiles. All timings on the posts will be of GMT.

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