Saturday, May 3, 2008

MGS4... Bringing it HARD!!

Really not much to say but rather show, in the midst of all the GTA IV love (it's "supadupa" great... we get it) MGS4 is also wanting to say: "Hey! We're here too." They begun what I'm l thinking is gonna be a huge P.R. (Public Relations) month or in other words: "Try to sell the hell out of this game"... eergh.. month.

GTA IV and MGS4 are bothe great titles, one is proven and the other one has a legacy and duty to fufill that expectation. Only this time their are two key difference between the releases of both titles.

  1. The GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series isn't going anywhere, and will continue to pump the series with new locations and installments in the future. The MGS series on the contrary is ending its tenure with MGS4 and is basically obligated by history to put out one of the best god damn games released by humanity and set its place up with Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and now GTA IV. (I bet their are also others, but hey! those are the ones of the top of my head.)

  2. MGS4 has a huge burden that Sony (or rather Konami/Kojima Productions) has placed on it's shoulders. This game IS a system seller. This type of job would have fallen on GTA IV's shoulders also, if it had not been because of Ken Kutaragi's arrogance to secure the exlucivity of the series or at least this installment on what would be at the time Sony's "Next Gen" console (Playstation 3). So, if you calculate on still that huge group of people that were not early adopters, the people with PS3's that have been waiting for another friggin game to be worth the investment on the PS3 since Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and those who are waiting to buy the PS3 for this game alone (Me included)... this game will sell over a million copies and might (it just might) sell Sony over a million PS3s on its own.

Of course, that last bold statement (zing!) will not just depend on what Konami does for the game's P.R. but without a doubt Sony will set a HUGE SPOTLIGHT on the game, using its own resources and P.R. manpower to let as much as the industry, gaming and (to some extent) the public mainstream-media know the game exists, its playiable, its got action, its sexy, looks beautiful and realistic and most importantly CAN ONLY BE POWERED/PLAYED /MADE A REALITY on ONLY the PS3. :S

Now, that I think of it... although it's sad to say as a fan, MGS series or MGS4 in specific will never reach GTA series sells numbers since its not as mainstreams nor as controversial as GTA is and you've never seen it talked about in in public-popular media outlets... weather: late night talk shows (Letterman [after minute 5:40 in the vid], Jimmy Kimmel... [after minute 8:36 in the vid], Conan O'brien, Craig Ferguson) news channels (CNN's Glenn Beck) and even current date leading U.S.A. Democratic party presidential candidate Barak Obama...

Geez! The most mainstream MGS4 has gotten up to know was that morphing PS3 commercial from some time ago. Hmm, Sony hasn't done to well on publicizing the PS3, huh? Then again, this is the first exclusive game that actually matters to millions of of possible customers at any given time, with even a movie in production, which would indicate a mainstream portal for the MGS series but a little too late.

Oh man, I said I wouldn't write anything more, but I just ramble too much about this series' future at times.

To finish, during what's gonna be the month of May up to June 12th, don't be surprise if you see 2 or more stories weekly, some game show paid P.R. or even a new mainstream (cable or non cable TV channels, radio, etc) commercial during May... highlighting the game as some huge larger then life "THING"............................ but even more important on how you can only experience it with a PS3.

Anywho whats important:

Japan Gets *Another* Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Bundle

Metal Gear Solid 4, You've Changed, Man

MGS4 Revived Trailer

With a follow up story on Kotaku titled: More Info About Metal Gear Solid 4 Flashbacks

G4 TV, X-Play Exclusive New Gameplay Video

Thank to Kotaku for the heads up on it.

Thats it I guess, for now. Most probably this is just a sample of stuff to come regarding the game for this whole month up until it's launch date. Prognostic: A great month for MGS fans!

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Reeteshifier said...

yeah, it will be interesting to see how well MGS does with little or almost no publicity to the general public, its like those guys who check out online new channels are the only ones getting more exposure to it.

Unknown said...

Did they also change Raiden's face? In the second picture he seems to have darker eyes, a less pointy nose and different lips. He doesn't look as wicked.

SM2099 said...

@sasha: Well looking at these latest images, they've [Kojima Produtions] been relasing are basically the graphic icing of MGS4... Well yeah, you're right. Not only Raiden but alot of other characters have gone through graphical changes... specifically the ones with rougher physical characteristics.

i.e. Snake looks incredibly old, in comparison to the first images of him which showed him in his early 50's... in the new graphics shown he looks like in his late 70's and could kick the bucket at any moment. (Which is why every body keeps talking and getting amazed why and how is he still fighting).

So the same principle is applied to Raiden who looks pail as death, probably doesn't get any rest anymore either or has some kinda sleep drevation (beacause of the traumatic body transformation) or just doesn't rest enough and because his blood isn't red anymore... physical alterations (bruises, bags under his eyes, etc.) will become more noticable and prominent.

Also, they [Kojima Productions] seem to have gotten away from many of past MGS physical characteristics designs, where many physical atributes (like noses, eyes, etc.) where very much oriented or stylized on a Manga/Anime design. Thats why Raiden in MGS2 looked so weird. When in reality human noses tend to go from more squared or multi-angled tips (Caucacian) to rounder and wider tips (Black) and to very small closed nostral openings with little tips (Inuit/Polar raised humans).

His lips before seems to be fused to a thin layer material in his exoskeleton... but now Kojima clearly wanted to make a distinction and made his lips look more purple (lack of red blood and very low body heat) in nature while still grafted to that exoskeleton material. Maybe to pronounce the feeling and look of a zombie Raiden while keeping physical estetic of making notice of a chin and a neck as two distinct sections... and not just both fused together.

I actually like that darker look, makes him look more like a zombie or vampire then before. Looks more agressive and intimidating, which is probably a good look on a battlefield. Plus having him fight with Vamp, its like watching one of those Buffy The Vampire Slayer scenes where different kinds of demons would fight each other, in this case Zombie Ninja vs. Flamenco/Ballet Dancing Vampire. AWSOME!! THEY NAILED DOWN VARIOUS ARCHTYPE CHARACTERS IN JUST BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. :D

kagamiqualman said...

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