Monday, September 1, 2008

Now Playing - GTA IV : The Social Life Emulator

After some Busy months at college doing some projects, I finally got me some holidays! I have been trying to make the most of these "Holidays" by playing as much as possible! Played many marathons of GTA IV till now, am 25hrs into it and just finished the "Three leaf clover" Mission, it was pretty interesting and I think I am getting to the part where I will have to kill making my OWN choice.. Its going to be very hard for me as I will have to compare my personal thoughts on those characters ,also think of how the game will turn out after I Kill 'em!

From as far as I got,I am guessing I will have to kill either Dwayne or PlayboyX and then from the others, I would have to kill either Frankie McReary or someone from the McReary Brothers.. This is going to get intense! At the present stage I would prefer to kill playboy ANY day.. but I think some more "character" will be given to him soon, to make my decision harder.

As for the other things, I think the game is pretty HUGE! I havent even explored the 3rd City yet and have spent considerable time wandering around and having fun doing various thing.. no not THOSE things, but the other more-enjoyable-in-a-game things. I however am getting really bugged wth the "socialize" part of the game where I have to constantly move around from one part of the city to the other to go DO stuff with people.. it breaks the flow of the game very much, and feels like more like a chore than anything else.

For a while I was feeling so happy that Roman stopped going "hey Cousin, its your COUSIN" on the phone, but soon I
got a message from him saying "i think we are drifting apart". I mean WHaaaa? And for these "calls" I have to stop doing whatever I was going to do and go show him some "big american fake t!ttes" so that he would stop calling me for a while and stop thinking that I "dont love him no more"

Other than tis socialising part most of it has been great, I am playing the Ps3 version, the game isn't necessarily an a great graphical achievement in the looks dept (neither were
any of the previous ones) I've noticed many frame drops, and very bad Anti Aliasing till now. However it still is able to immerse the player into the game's world with its great style, like when you are slowly flying around in a helicopter at night, the sight is just beautiful!

The sound has been great, radio channels specific to every race in the game can be found here :P , and it retains its awesomness in the Talk Show radio Channels very interesting to listen! The TV has been very addictive too with me spending atleast an hour till now sitting and watching all the random nonsensicle things it has been showing.

It has been a good ride so far. Hope the game's story gets to the "OMG 10!" part soon.. Haven't yet got very attached to all the characters as I did in the previous ones.. maybe its because there are too many...

P.S: And Check out the great VGCats Comic Strip that describes exactly what I am feeling!

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