Saturday, April 26, 2008

Maybe... Kinda... New MGS4 Trailer?

Well, who knows really. Although it's not really "new" and it has more of a fan made, clips video vibe... but on the other hand you get that Kojima Productions/Fox Hound logo sweet vertical bar displacement and fade in effect. Personally, I really hope at some moment the K.P./Fox Hound logo will fade out while turning into little hexagons, now that would make it look so much futuristic and a nice throw back to MGS2. Other then that, the character models and FMV sequences have gotten their last coat of wax and are looking extremly sharp, suprisingly (for real this time) realistic and just beautiful.

If you are a hardcore fan and have seen and learned the MGS4 E3 2006 (15 minute) trailer, then you would probably recognize the dialogue going on through this vid.

Last I would like to point something out, this is twice I've seen Snake putting a piece to his mouth and wanting to pull the trigger. I mean what the hell is Otacon being doing?! Has he not realized what Snake was going through? Geez! Give Old Snake some Prozac, Valium or whatever antidepressant pill their's out there. F' whatever Tom Cruise says, Snake needs help. Since Snake putting a gun in his mouth is becoming apparently something important (plotwise), I wonder if their will be a mini-game where Raiden, Merly or Otacon confronts Snake about his issues and you have to press the circle button quickly to avoid Snake from taking the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. It sounds wrong yet it could be kinda fun.

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.

UPDATE: Don't those 3 scenes at the begining of the video... kinda look like what Kojima Production's Ryan Payton said would happen when you die in the game? That at certain parts of the game (like FMV sequences) you could press a button and that time-frame would be recorded and so when you died, those frames you recorded earlier would come up like little flashback. Of course I assume this happens before you get the "Game Over" title and somebody yelling: "SNAAAAAAAKE!!!".

If thats how it's gonna look, then that would be trip to look at while dying in the game. So realistic, something along the lines of "watching your life flash before your eyes, right before you die" type of deal. Very nice feature IMO.

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Reeteshifier said...

Oh, Its the same dialogue from the first one? I heard it in the Dub so didn't realize it.

It was quite nice! yeah Why is snake going on putting that gun in his mouth!

But dude, I still wonder who that young snake in that old trailer was.

whose grave was it anyways? and wow, if there is such thing as you mentioned in the update it would be really cool!

SM2099 said...

@reeteshifier: Well yeah, its the same dialogue just cut and put in different parts of the trailer.

I'm actually more freaked out now because I recently started to think that they might have done what the Patriots did with Big Boss and cloned Solid Snake at some point of the gap between MGS2 and MGS4; and since this is the future maybe they perfected the cloning process. Also, that was the whole goal of the "S3 Program" in MGS2 with Arsenal Gear... to make the perfect soldier by training and making them at the image of Solid Snake; so now in the future, what better way to achieve this then by cloning a bunch of Solid Snakes.
Remember a part where Ocelot explains the purpose for Arsenal Gear and the GW A.I., theirs like a little VR footage of like thousands of Solid Snakes running in a simulated environment.

Yeah, thats what R. Payton said during a podcast, like I said it seems like very neat feature to put in. Kinda gives it depth and more meaning to playing the game.

Reeteshifier said...

I just dont want to start thinking too much again, Will wait 2 more months and all questions will be answered!!

Anonymous said...

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