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(Review) Naruto 397:
The Man Who Knows The Truth

Naruto 397 Review

Welcome to WEastGamers' First review of Naruto Manga.Gamers don't just game after all they also have other interests, Manga and Anime being one of those other things we here at WEGamers like.

Expect to hear Rants on what things happened in the latest chapter and also maybe some predictions of things that might happen in the future!

So let get on with the Reviews! Up first is SM2099 with a detailed review what all things happened, and then its the Reeteshifier ranting out about what could possibly happen afterwards.

SM2099's PoV:

Hmm... I don't think there was a better way to start this feature on the WEastGamers' blog. Truly these types of events make me want to believe that there could be a higher power out there trying to guide us to into a better direction for the best... that part of that guidance is brought to us this week in the form of the Naruto manga, chapter 397.

We've finally finished the twist and turns, technique after technique and last resort after last resort, fatal conclusion that was one of the hardest and prolonged battles in the Naruto universe... Uchiha Sasuke vs. Uchiha Itachi. Probably one of the most intense battles up there with Naruto vs. Sasuke (Valley of The End/Sasuke Retrieval Arc) or the memorable Jiraiya vs. Pain. With chapter 397, the psyche of the going plot thickens and just make a huge 360ยบ change for far out places up to now of a speculative nature.

So 397 starts out with Tobi/Uchiha Madara's "real" face revealing to Sasuke. ONLY to get turned down as soon as he rapidly becomes engulfed in black flames. A close shot to Sasuke´s left eye reveals the presences of the Magenkyo Sharingan. As Tobi/Madara survives this surprise attack, he explains that this was Itachi's gift to Sasuke?... to protect him? In the beginning I taught that maybe Itachi was trying to curse Sasuke, but Tobi's anwser could be true, although this must be backed up by the explanation of who Itachi was in the next chapter of the manga (chapter 398).

*Intresting to note, Sasuke's Magenkyo Sharingan,is exactly the same as Itachi's. One of the features that distinguishes the M.S. is that, unlike the Sharingan, it's shape does change from user to user as evidence by the variation in each of M.S. users.

So it could be said the in a certain way, Sasuke is pretty much **** if he over uses the M.S.. since Itachi didn't have the chance to perfect the M.S. with Sasuke´s eyes nor has Sasuke awoken the M.S.."

Of course from this moment on, Sasuke has become a complete mess and a million doubts and questions must have begun arising in his head. To the point where he shuts Tobi/Madara up angrily. Make me wonder what kind of things must he be thinking at the time. He basically just killed what he had considered his worst enemy, The Joker to his Batman, etc.. Plus, he really wasn't feeling bad about committing fratricide, now with Tobi/Madara's words (which he says are the "truth").

All that happened in this chapter just keeps me thinking: So now what?, Itachi was faking it good? Wow! He was pretty convincing with the whole torturing Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke with Tsukuyomi and that little killing the Uchiha clan (remains to be confirmed at this point of the manga) massacre that took place some time ago.

Can't really say anything else but just in a huge expectations (two weeks from now!) for the next chapter to come out and maybe start getting some friggin answers out of this Tobi/Madara guy. One thing is for sure, Naruto manga has stop being just black and white and has started to look all shades of grey. Next chapter will be great!

Except if Tobi/Madara confuses his personality, then goes and says: "Psyke!", then all the buildup for chapter 398 will have sucked and become a terrible letdown. Let's hope not

Reeteshifier's PoV:

Wow, SM pretty much summed up what I had to say.The whole chapter was filled with images and images for most of the pages, and only the last two pages had something important to say, and BOY was it important.Those two pages made this chapter possibly one of the best ones in the past few chapters.

It totally gives you the feeling that you dont know anything now, and HAVE to read more to completely understand what is happening.

I felt really sad for Itachi and it already made me think of Itachi as a super awesome great Hero.but man, why did he do all those things? What was the reason for all these secret works?

Also ,what I am still wondering is, HOW is Madara so young even now, does it mean he has multiple hearts like that other guy who fought with the First Hokage? or maybe some other way to achieve immortality? Or is "Madara" a title given to the Best of the Uchiha's

But a discussion I had with SM makes me really think, could this be the same person who was an Uchiha but was never good at anything? could this be the other person who has only ONE Sharingan?

But if he is so.. then WHY? why did such a good person (with a name reverse of TOBI) get so bad? what happened to him?

Man, I just want to read more of it, and of all the times, it had to come during the time when its a week holiday for all Mangas.

But oh well, lets keep theorizing and see if what we are thinking is the right thing when the next chapter comes! :D


Chapter 397

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