Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind The Scenes Look At
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

They say that "where there's a will, there's a way", from the looks of it Shaba Games wants the heartbroken fans of the Spider-Man videogames to feel that’s still true.

No doubt that the story of the Spider-Man franchise in the history of gaming is a long and convoluted one. It has had it's up's and down's, but it has not disappeared from the world of videogames because every so often you get a title bearing the mark of the web-head which is just fun to play, it has it's issue (like most games) but it makes you understand why old Spidey is such a great character to witness in games/comics/movies.

*Note*: Not all can be Spider-Man (PS1) or Ultimate Spiderman (GC and PS2).

So from what the video shows, the developers actually "seem" (to be confirmed by the game's performance) eager and excited to have the license in their hands and work on a great game. A great first step, for sure.

From the looks of the game, it looks pretty much the same as the movie license games. The swinging just seems very plain and just there with Spidey throwing his web wherever and just swinging from the air. I do like what they are trying to do with the combat; a superhero (according to his abilities) has the advantage over other people because he can face situations common folks can't... like say throwing a dude towards a building, hurrying up to the building, standing on the side of it and continuing the fight there or heading for some air combat if the foe presents more challenge then usual. That sounds AWSOME! Now, having that in a game that looks pretty much the same, as every other Spider-Man game to come out since DVD's where used as gaming optical discs... could just burry this nice new feature (unless its some kind of ground breaking new gameplay feature, which doesn’t seem like it from this angle).

As I've already heard from other points of view, they need to do some more tweaks to the future games to make it interesting again. Surprisingly enough, its mods in the little stuff that could make the franchise go a long way. Changing something essential but very influential as the swinging and the physics in it would take this new game to a new level. Maybe ask for some tips from the guys who are making the Bionic Commando remake for PS3 and X360 for swinging mechanics... wouldn't hurt.

For now it’s really cool to see the developers have the enthusiasm to want to make a great game. If they play their cards right then maybe they can use this huge name in gaming (and most of entertainment media) to launch their dev house to "namedrop" status.

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Reeteshifier said...

Ah, cool. Maybe these guys also heard what Jaffe had to say :P The game should be worth checking out!

My young cousin has been playing that Spiderman 1 game(on PC also) since he was 2.5 years old. He likes it a lot! plays the game without looking at keyboard even :P

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