Thursday, August 21, 2008

Only Colossal things cast Shadows

I read about "Lords of Shadow" just yesterday and the first thing I noticed was "Shadow" and then thought of.. you know it.. "Shadow of the Colossus" and then I saw it was a game by Konami, which made me think "they aren't THAT unoriginal" (I mean.. a similar name for a similar concept) and then, Just now, I saw this Video.

I mean, WOW..the game DOES have Giant things, and it is about slaying them.. other than the character being more appealing to people who like "bada$$" things the trailer only tells me one thing "This is very much like SoTC, only more violent and maybe,with blood and guts spitting out"

Ok, The game could have been of a similar premise, but why does it have to be that the name is "Lords of Shadow" thats VERY generic and has a "decided-over-at-lunch" feel to it.

I mean, I love what konami does (making you break controllers multiple times, i.e) I always look forward to what they are going to make.. but this is very surprising to me... hope it turns out be something better than what I am thinking! and wish that I will end up really liking this game :P

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