Monday, October 27, 2008

Diwali crackers and Otaku-ness

*The Occasion

Its Diwali time once again in India, and everyone is busy buying sweets and crackers (thats what we call fireworks here, not something that polly would want). Its India's festival of lights where people of all ages have fun blasting crackers the whole night. Little kids with sparklers and plastic guns that blast "tickli"s , big kids with atom/hydrogen/lakshmi bombs, and then everyone else with their flower pots and rockets.

It is indeed a sight worth watching where everyone tries to show off their purchases by blasting at the right moment. Its not like a special location is fixed where you can blast them. Anyone and everyone blasts them on their colony roads, in their house's plot etc.. the community handles the aftermath (cleaning roads etc)

*The Point

Now what does all this have anything to do with the topics that we at WEastGamers deal with? well, the special thing about Indian crackers is that there are many companies/small households making these things and the best way to sell their wares is by having the most attractive covers for the boxes they sell them in.

They usually have things that kids (cartoons) and adults (famous actresses) would notice the most. Not too many years ago, I started seeing things like Mario and Sonic popup in these box covers. I immediately wanted to have a look these boxes, and then understood how effective this idea is. However, the first thing I got in my head was "copyrights!" but seeing that this is India and no one cares for such small things.(not like they are earning billion dollars and they don't have an "official" presence here either) Its freely done.

*The Reason

Recently I saw a post @ Kotaku showing "devil may cry fireworks" People went "Wow" by looking at it.. seeing that how everyone was surprised at the thing, I commented there saying this:

Wow, guys, if you find that amusing, wait for "Diwali" to start here, there are so many cracker boxes with Mario, Peach, Sonic and many other game characters that are sold here since years!

Cool, so I will take pics and send them this diwali!

So, yeah I am man of my words, today was diwali crackers shopping time for me and I took pictures of all those boxes with references that I thought you all can relate to.

Without further ado..
These are the ones I could find, but I am sure there are many more somewhere out there. I leave them here, for your viewing pleasure, to make it more interesting, why not try and name all the characters that you see here in the images.

Will try to take videos and more pictures of things this diwali. Keep looking for updates :) But yeah one thing is for sure.. people found it very amusing, seeing me take pictures of these things :P As for myself it felt kinda different but nice!

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Nishant Vora said...

WOAH! Awesome, never seen these kind of around here, I mean atleast not Mario Luigi Peach.. fun! And I've stopped crackers past 5 years so no idea now. Went all *GREEN* xD

Reeteshifier said...

@Nish haha, "green" you say? You mean its only paad bombs for you ? XP

Ranjeesh loves to share his knowledge said...

WaWaWiWa [ref. Borat] Great observation ma boy...Good job...

Reeteshifier said...

Haha, Thanks bhayya :D

Dad and me both went on bike for the shopping today. It was fun :) Dad used it classic bargaining techniques, it was awesome!

Unknown said...

Balthier + Monroe = awesome

Nishant Vora said...

@Reeteshifier *Cough.. Well I haven't been into bombs anyways in the first place. Just light crackers.

Anonymous said...

NO master chief OR marcus fenix bro :( . but i did saw hbk , cena , kurt angle , scooby doo , jack carver , princess peach , mario , luigi & Some more like that sher dude from tekken that a mario fire cracker shop u went to bro :P

Reeteshifier said...

@gagan yeah, didn't get any of those, maybe people in armoured suites are still not the "in thing" for majority of indians. or maybe they were there in some other shop I never saw :P

haha, speaking of "mario shop" it would have been awesome if someone in mario costume was selling those crackers :P

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and unique Diwali post, a rarity I must say. Good job.

SM2099 said...

Oh India... what a magical and beautiful place. The piracy makes me almost want to cry that over here they don't have that enthusiam to put videogame and anime//manga in pirated or "ilegal to sell" products.

God Bless Diwali!

Reeteshifier said...

@vinnet thanks!

@sm2099 oh yeah, fireworks and all these are illegal to sell there right? anyone who hears it for the first time in India (that these thing are illegal in some places) gets really shocked :P

Unknown said...

lolmao! those were some awesome pics :D

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