Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halo 3 Secret ODST update?

[UPDATE2] The game has been officially Announced, and it will be called "Halo 3:Recon" and yes, the game will infact be based on the ODST. It will be a tactical shooter, no Idea if its Third Person or First person, will have emphasis on "Stealth". The game will release with new maps and some forge items too.

Here is the boxart of the game and the complete trailer

[UPDATE] Thanx to the Cool people at Digg, got the thing clarified.. ANS : Long term memory loss!

Just a few days ago, I dropped by at my friend PeldonPeldon's GS Blog and found out something strange. It seems when he was replaying the Halo 3 campaign he found that all the marines he encountered in "The Ark" level were ODSTs. Neither he nor I and other friends remember finding them in the levels back during the previous play-throughs.

Was this a case of poor memory? or something else? As far as I can say, I think this could be a case of "tricky marketing". A small update might have been sent in the BG when your 360s were connected to Live which made all those ODST models to appear. Let me quote myself on what I said when I saw this.

maybe its some kind of secret marketing technique where they are trying to make people feel that the ODST were really a huge part, hence a game around them, making sense.

After considering the teaser trailer for the new Halo game which was released recently, this could be true. I mean, the HUD shown in the teaser also had a helmet type view and was not particularly like the one Master Chief had. It could be of those ODST troops, and Gamespot has officially listed the game as a "Halo 3: untitled ODST project"

So is actually some kind of stunt by the Bungie/MS peeps.. Or did we truly forget that they were present in the game since the beginning ?

Enjoy the video

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I was about to say, maybe it has something to do with the new trailer of the Drop Troopers.

SM2099 said...

"...will have emphasis on "Stealth"."?

I wonder why Ryan Payton didn't go to Bungie rather then work on the Peter Jackson Halo project. I guess it was more logical, otherwise that Jackson thing would have never even started.

Reeteshifier said...

@Sm2099 : Haha! That stealth part even makes me wonder if ryan payton will be lending a bit of hand for this thing.

Seeing that the game will release in fall 2009, we can guess that the recent intro Ryan Payton to MGS might have made the time shift to a later date so that they take some extra tips from him and modify it.

Kutter_0311 said...

"Helljumpers" were mentioned in one of the earlier Halo books, 'Flood' maybe. Also, Master Chief dropped with early ODST's in Halo 2. Their helmets looked like PASGT with riot face shields, armor wasn't so cool. Kinda came off as UNSC Marines issued special gear for a special assault mission.

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